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This page has been produced for providing students with the classnotes in chapters for Probability and Random Process. The notes are provided  in both PS and PDF forms for your convenience. If you have any difficulties in downloading the note files, contact teaching assistant by sending a mail to your T.A.



l  In order for you to read and/or print the classnotes in PS form, you must download the viewer program "Ghostview" in your computer.

l  Visit first the download site, and be sure to download the program before you get the project manuals!!!

l  You must acquire both of the "gsview 4.3" and "AFPL Ghostscript 8.00" or their higher versions!!!




chapter 1   pdf   ps   (figure)


chapter 2   pdf   ps   (figure)


chapter 3   pdf   ps   (figure)


chapter 4   pdf   ps   (figure)


chapter 5   pdf   ps   (figure)


chapter 6  


chapter 7   


chapter 8   


chapter 9   pdf   ps   (figure)


chapter 10 


Q function  (figure)